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Chat Avenue is one of the most visited cam chat sites in the world. Sometimes criticized but always very appreciated by online video chat and dating lovers. The site works with the system of chatrooms and therefore thematic chat rooms. Often it is also completely open to the public, which means that everyone sees what you write. The truth: some like it and some don’t. However, what is certain is that video chats like the ones on Chat Avenue allow for real debates. Despite this, it is sometimes hard to follow the conversations, it will scroll prodigiously fast!

Once connected to the free chat rooms, you can choose and turn on several webcams at the same time. As many cams as you want in fact. Okay, you think you’ve already been around this video chat? Well no because Chat-avenue offers several different themed chat rooms. Once again, it is the guarantee to spend funny and sometimes naughty moments. In fact, it will depend on the chat room you have selected. The adult chatroom is perfect for this. For now, Chat Ave is 1 million people connected per day!

The old Chat Avenue

If you are having trouble finding the good chat room, go to the lobby and you will have a more complete view. To access the chatrooms of, you can stay on this page and allow “flash” content. But soon it won’t be possible anymore. But it doesn’t matter, we are preparing a solution so that you can continue to use the old Chat Avenue. In the meantime, we have named it “Chat Ave” so that you can differentiate it from the new one.

On the one hand, we know why you want to come to the old version of Chat-Avenue. The answer? The webcam option has disappeared. It’s sad and without webcam, the fun is really not the same. Fortunately, there are sites like Yamizz that help you find a site like Chat Avenue.

A free chat site

So far, visits to the various rooms are free of charge. On mobile or elsewhere, you will always be able to chat with the entire Chat Ave community. Its design is quite minimalist and its use is deliberately made very simple. However, there are advanced options, so managing your meetings is even faster.

Chat Avenue sex

Looking for sex and free English chat? Then this sex cam site will do the trick for you. In less than 5 minutes, you are catapulted into a sex chat room. Its principle ? You easily watch several cams at the same time. How many webcams ? You can put up to 20 on your screen! The Chat Avenue sex has now the monopole of the sites of sex cam. Yet, it is free, without registration and with hot girls.

In this regard, the adult chat room is permanently filled with more than 1500 perverts. No, you’re not dreaming, the number is real. So imagine 1500 people talking at the same time on a video chat room, it quickly becomes unreasonable. Judiciously, a private message option has been added. There, you chat with whoever you want.The PV messaging connection is done automatically, webcam and microphone are supported without any constraint or problem. Tip: Don’t want to be contacted privately? Check the box “do not receive PV”.

When to access it ?

In summer or winter, all seasons are a pretext to come on the chat. Despite not being able to tell you when to come, we can tell you the most active hours. The weekend evening is the most interesting time to come and chat on chat-avenue.

Chat Avenue mobile

Previously, “Chat Ave” was only available on PCs and laptops. Since then, a lot has happened and a mobile application has been released. The APK is on the chat site. Another way to do this is to activate the mobile version of chat Avenue. To do this, go to and press the button with the same name.

Considering the easiness with which the application Chat Avenue mobile is launched, there are devilishly many people on this version! As much as on a computer, in fact. Nonetheless, on smartphone the video chat is more orderly and fast. In addition, the display on tablet is done without any problem and shows us the chatrooms for free in full screen, so great!

Chat Avenue girls

Here we are, by the way, what all the bachelors were waiting for: the girls. First of all, this video chat is made in the United States. As such, there are literally American girls from everywhere. As you must know, girls in the USA are very open, beautiful and nice, so you meet unique and intriguing women.

Don’t think that they are easy girls for all that! If you are more for quick dating, go to the erotic zone instead. Besides, Chat Avenue girls is also free. In brief, it is the best chat site to meet girls or men from all over the world. How do we know that? A chat that has existed for 10 years with several thousand people connected at the same time … No doubt it is the number 1, the top!

In conclusion, we hope we have helped you to find the old and real Chat Avenue, the one that people frequently write: Chatavenue.